post de Gwyn

we    went    for a   hike, and also we do lots of art  stuff   some time s   we     have  extra  recesses  sometimes      we     go  on buses. some people like to sit in front and some like in back.


This week we brainstormed topics for our informative essays. We also learned to make a concept map before writing.

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post d’Ansley

At 8:20 we do our Bonjour folder. 

At 8:30 anounces

At 9:40 we do reces.

At 10 we read a book. 

At 10:40 we do French reading. At 11:40 we do lunch and recess. At 12:20 we read a book. And at 12:50 we do musique. At 1:30 we do English. 2:40 Carpool