post de Gwyn

we    went    for a   hike, and also we do lots of art  stuff   some time s   we     have  extra  recesses  sometimes      we     go  on buses. some people like to sit in front and some like in back.

Mardi Gras floats!

Math time

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This week we brainstormed topics for our informative essays. We also learned to make a concept map before writing.

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post d’Ansley

At 8:20 we do our Bonjour folder. 

At 8:30 anounces

At 9:40 we do reces.

At 10 we read a book. 

At 10:40 we do French reading. At 11:40 we do lunch and recess. At 12:20 we read a book. And at 12:50 we do musique. At 1:30 we do English. 2:40 Carpool