Premier Grade with Madame Roadman

Teaching Philosophy

I have a calm demeanor with the kids and like to run a calm, orderly classroom. We are very nurturing with the kids. We know they are making the transition from Kindergarten and it takes time. We take time out to give a hug or lend a listening ear.

Behavior Management: We both believe that having high behavior expectations (listening to others at appropriate times, using an inside voice, etc.) will allow for us to have a healthy learning environment.

Relationship: We believe the teacher-student relationship is very important, as are student relationships. We have spent the past week and a half doing ice breakers, group activities and get to know you activities so we can all learn a little about each other, bond as a group, and make a community in our classroom. If we have a community in our room then we are all happier, feel safe, and learn better.

Cooperative Groups: We have the students seated in groups. We believe group work is very important. Students work in pairs and in groups daily. They learn to listen, take turns, compromise and socialize.

Democratic Classroom: We run our classroom as a democracy. We decide things as a group, having class meetings every Friday. During these meetings, we read compliments from the compliment box, discuss any problems that came up during the week and problem solve together. We all take turns talking and listening to one another during the meeting.

Immersion: We believe in the immersion method of speaking French as much as possible. We use visuals and model instructions to ensure comprehension. All subjects are taught in French except English reading time and PE.


Homework is given on Thursdays. Your child will come home every Thursday with homework in his/her homework folder (“Devoirs” folder). Each week we are learning a new French vowel sound. This week the students are working on saying and writing words with the a sound in French. Please make sure your child packs the Devoirs folder is his backpack on Wednesday nights so homework can be turned in Thursday morning and then we can fill it up again.

Students are required to read nightly. We will send home the reading log hole punched and inserted in the middle of the Devoirs folder. Please fill out the log by writing the book he/she read.


Students will learn to read in French and English at least 40 words per minute with comprehension.

Lecture (French reading groups): daily 8:40-9:40- The students are in leveled groups for French reading time. Soon we will send home a copy of your child’s book so he/ she can practice reading it daily at home.

During lecture, students meet with one of us or Madame Jeanne, our Educational Assistant, to work on French writing. This week we divided the class into 4 groups for lecture. When not meeting with Madame Jeanne or a teacher to read, the students do French apps on the ipads.

Taoki is a phonics curriculum for the French language. The students each have a Taoki workbook and we do a lesson in this workbook weekly. The workbook goes through the French vowel sounds. We try to choose our picture books for lecture to include the French vowel we are working on that week.

French conversation: We will teach the students common questions and answers in French so they can learn conversation skills. Here are some phrases the kids will learn: Bonjour, Ca va? Ca va bien/Ca va/ Ca va mal, Quel age as-tu? J’ai 6 ans. J’aime, Comment t’appelle tu? Je m’appelle…

The past week and a half we will work on greeting one another in French and learning the phrase: J’aime (I like).

Reading time in English: Daily 12:40-1:40.  We use the Journeys curriculum for Reading. We will also have book clubs this year as well for those students reading chapter books.

Math: The school uses the Learn Zillion curriculum for math. Math will be taught in French in our classroom.

Math according to Oregon State’s Common Core State Standards in French.  (See  website: http://www.ode.state.or.us/teachlearn/real/newspaper/Newspaper_Section.aspx?subjectcd=MA

  • Geometry (match, bend, build, draw, name 2-D & 3D shapes)
  • Data collection & analysis
  • Forward and backward counting and skip counting to 120
  • Read, interpret and solve story problems involving addition and subtraction
  • Use the commutative property of addition and the fact that subtraction & addition are inverse operations to solve problems
  • State the value of a numeral in it’s place in a number (ones, tens, hundreds)
  • Match a number to its corresponding an amount
  • Use a variety of strategies for addition and subtraction, such as fact families, substitution, counting up or down on a number line, grouping objects in categories
  • Add and subtract two-digit numbers with borrowing (a ten) and carrying (or building a ten)
  • Money: state the value of coins, make change
  • Measure using standard and non-standard units of measurement, rulers, scales

*Both of us will teach Math, Reading, lecture (reading in French) and Handwriting.

Stations: We use stations for English reading and French reading. Stations are activities done in groups. We do this because we strongly believe in differentiating, teaching to each child’s academic level. Stations also help accommodate 6 / 7 year old attention spans.

Science: We will start the year with an air and weather unit. Later in the winter the students will learn about sound and light. During the spring we will cover life cycles.

Social Studies: Madame Roadman will start the year with a heritage unit. The students will learn geography and about different countries and cultures.

Art: Madame Roadman is teaching art this year. She will expose them to all the different mediums- paint, pastel, watercolor, pencil drawings and more. Each student will make a collage last week of the things he/she likes after learning “J’aime” (“I like”). We will study artists this year in depth.

PE: Ronny and Mme Pleus are our school PE teachers

Music: We sing all the time in our classroom. The students will sing a French counting song, a line song to sing when walking in line, parts of the body song, and a Je m’appelle song. This group loves signing. The whole room gets silent when they hear one of us start to sing.

The music teacher is Monsieur Chapelle.

Handwriting: We use the Winged Writers , a Ball and Stick handwriting method. This is what the students used in Kinder.

The students will also learn cursive so they can read Taoki , our French curriculum, which is in French cursive.

Library: Library will be once per week on Mondays.


  • We will do a weekly newsletter. This will be emailed.
  • As you have seen we will email you as well for reminders etc.
  • Please email us with any questions:

Madame Roadman- roadman_s@4j.lane.edu

( When emailing , please email both of us so we are both in the loop.)


-We need volunteers daily 8:30-9:40 for French reading, 12:40-1:40 English reading.

-We also need someone on Thursdays to stuff the Devoir folders for us.

-We would like a library parent for Mondays

-We also need a room parent. At least two would be ideal.

We welcome you to our room anytime. Please email us if you are coming so we can schedule something that requires extra hands (writing, etc)

If you have a special talent in art of music, we would love to have you share that with us. We have a piano in the classroom for any pianists out there.

We will put a volunteer sign up sheet inside the classroom by the door if you want to sign up for the week at a certain time or just email us a time.

Drop Off and Pick Up

Drop Off- Doors open at 8:05. Please wait to enter at 8:05.

Morning routine: Enter  quietly, hang coats, etc. Kids then get ready for the day by going to the bathroom, and getting a drink of water. Kids then sit down to do the morning activity.  Students are expected to keep voices off during the morning announcements.

If your child arrives after 8:15, he/she needs to go to office to get a tardy slip.

Pick Up- Please pick up your child at 2:45pm. Your child is to say “au revoir” to one of the first grader teachers before leaving so we know your child has left. For their safety they should use the teacher’s name & make eye contact with us before they leave. We bring all kids to the office at 3pm if the parent has not arrived.

Birthdays and Lost teeth

We sing on your child’s birthday.  He or she can wear a special birthday crown.

We have a “Qui a perdu une dente?” poster for when kids lose a tooth


Please pack snacks daily for morning snack in the smaller pouches of your child’s backpack.  You can teach your kids to be responsible for packing a snack by making a drawer or a basket accessible to them.  Water bottles with no spill tops are encouraged to bring to school. Drinking water is so important. Water bottles are allowed on the student’s desks.


Deterings in fall, Salmon release in December, Public Works Day, Mt Pisgah in spring

Special events/ activities:

Cider making,  Student presentations (animal report presentation in winter, heritage presentation in May), 100th Day of School, Class Play in May in French

Please label absolutely everything with your child’s full name: lunch boxes, backpacks, jackets, mittens, hats, reusable snack boxes, balls for recess, etc.

We look forward to a wonderful year with this amazing group!


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